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Are You Ready?
Make consistent cashflow,
escape the 9-5,
and live life on your terms!
...Without Owning a Single Property
Are You Ready to Stop Waiting & Start Taking Action?
Rent 2 Rent Kickstarter Programme
Gives you everything you need to get your first rent to rent deal.
It includes every checklist, template, spreadsheet and contract that
we've used in our business to grow fast.
Plus you get Stephanie & Nicky at your side 100% committed to your success.

The thing we hear most often is..."I wish I'd started sooner!"

Just Some of What You Get with Kickstarter...

🎯Setting up your business from scratch

✅ Step by step no confusion set up for success or simple 4 part system to setting up your business quickly, legally and inexpensively
✅Business Setup Costs Tracker so you don’t overpay for anything!
✅Choosing your area a guide to help you compare areas and choose the right one

✅ What planning, licencing and article 4 mean
✅Secret scripts so you can access the HMO lists from Councils without relying on Freedom of Information which is slooooow!
✅ Whether to start a limited company or sole trader
✅ Which insurances you need and which you don’t

🎯Magnetic Marketing to get your first deal 

✅ This is everything you need to attract landlords and agents to work with you
✅ Why landlords and agents want to work with you
✅ Our 5P Formula for writing irresistible landlord letters
✅ Marketing letter templates that work!

✅ The exact questions to ask when landlords call
✅ Your script for talking to letting agents
✅ How to handle objections from landlords and agents
✅ We’ll show you how to create a ‘social pitch’ about what you do

🎯Doing the Deal

✅ Everything you need to analyse, negotiate and agree a great deal
✅ Analysing your deals like a pro, we’ll give you feedback on the numbers for every deal
✅ Your property viewing checklist so you can master viewings like a boss
✅ How to negotiate like a ninja

✅ How to pay no deposit and get a rent free period 
✅ How to negotiate so you pay less or nothing for the refurb
✅ Copy and paste offer email offer template to get more deals over the line

🎯Fuel your Future

✅ Your refurb checklist so you don’t miss a thing
✅ A dressing checklist so you get maximum bang for minimum buck
✅ How to find great contractors
✅ Handover checklist of everything you need from the landlord or agent to manage the property with nothing missed out
✅ How to get great tenants
✅ Copy and paste text for spareroom ads
✅ Ninja tips to sell your rooms faster
✅ Checklist of how to conduct viewings which convert viewers to tenants
✅ How to book viewings

✅ Tenant onboarding checklist
✅ Tenant application forms
✅ Everything you need to know for referencing
✅ Dealing with deposits legally
✅ How to onboard existing tenants and what to look out for
✅ How to do effective inventories quickly
✅ How to manage your properties online
✅ How to set up utilities
✅ How to set up property certificates online (and at the property)
✅ Cleaner checklist
✅ Checkin checklist
✅ Checkout checklist

🎯And lots more!
It really is too much to list here
💥As well as great information you get great support over 3 months!
Rent 2 Rent Kickstarter is a Programme not a Course.

💥It’s all about getting things done.
💥It’s about implementation as well as information.
💥It’s not a one or two bury-you-in-information-and-run course.
💥We’re there by your side as you take action on what you’ve learned to help you.
💥The information we provide is second to none and so is the support

🚀Daily support - Your questions answered in our private Kickstarter facebook group.
It’s a great community, inspiring and fun

🚀Weekly calls live online to get you past any stumbling blocks

🚀Ongoing support after the Programme has finished you have access to continued support with weekly calls, monthly trainings and in person events.

Rent 2 Rent Kickstars Success Stories...
"Noone Would Give a Property to Me!!"
How Temi Got Her First Deal Even Though She was Worried about Her Shyness and Her Accent
"I Was a Sceptic"
How Mark Went from Sceptical to Successful,

 Got 4 Deals in 4 Months & Has More Time With His Family
"I Wanted a Structure"
How Shari Went to Worried About Doing Things Correctly to

 Getting 2 Deals with a Cashflow of £800 in 2 months at the age of 26
"I was surprised just how simple the process was to set up the business in Kickstarter"
Zwe Ngema
"The course has got everything you need.
You get amazing resources"
Letty Silver
"Have faith in the system.
It works!"
Mark Fitzgerald
Just a few years ago Stephanie felt trapped in a job that didn't inspire her. She wanted to break free but she was scared and confused about what to do.

But everything changed when her Mum get sick and she knew she had to turn the maybe into a MUST and make the leap so that she could focus on the important things in her life more.
Because the bank would be fine without her but her Mum wouldn't.

Stephanie was sceptical when she first heard about Rent to Rent.
It sounded too good to be true.
It sounded like a scam.

Surely if you could
* Invest in property with little money
* Sack your boss within a year and
* Make over £100k from properties you don't own
Then everyone would be doing it!

She decided to try it.
And along with sister Nicky set up HMO Heaven.

They are still amazed by what happened next.
Just two ordinary girls
* Sacked their bosses
* Built up a portfolio of rent to rent properties with a turnover of over £400k per year and over £2m over their terms
* Taken on staff and systemised and outsourced the day-to-day management

They are now passionate about sharing this knowledge that the establishment don't share.
Yes you can!

Even if you don't have property experience, you have a busy life and full-time job, you can get started with little money, change your life and live your dreams. 

Our Rent 2 Rent Stars have had success.
And now it's your turn!

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