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"The course is fully comprehensive and jampacked with everything you need to be successful" - Loise Wilson
The Rent 2 Rent Kickstarter Coaching Course is currently closed while we work with all our new students to get their first deals.
But don't worry...
Grab the 6 Step System to Get Your First Deal in a downloadable workbook.

And we'll let you know as soon as the doors are open again.
Stephanie & Nicky are amazing coaches who deliver everything they promise, if you follow their guidance you cannot fail!
Anna Masamba

What the 6 Step System will show you
Even if you don't have stacks of cash, property experience and tonnes of time to spare, this workbook will walk you step-by-step through what you need to do to get your first deal.

Lots of naysaysers will tell you it's not possible. 
We know it is possible because we've done it and the same system has worked for our Rent 2 Rent Stars.
Inside, You'll Also Learn:
  • The profits that are possible in a short timeframe
  • Why landlords want to work with you
  • How to set up your business quickly and easily without stress or overwhelm
  • The secret to magnetic marketing to attract landlords to you
  • THE best strategy to get landlords to call you
What People Are Saying About the
6 Step System to Get Your First Deal
"Step by step advice on how to get started and what to concentrate on to get going." 
- Ingrid Dias
"Absolutely loved it, I found it extremely motivational. Exactly what I needed" 
- May Marshall
"I loved that it provided specific directions. I feel energised and confident about rent to rent now."
-Grace Pele
"I'm new to the property game and it's hard getting help from people sometimes but there is a lot of FREE good info from Rent 2 Rent Success. Thanks again"
-Tyrone Tash
"Great workbook to get me started."
-Patrick Carpenter
"It's absolutely fantastic. Stephanie & Nicky are brilliant trainers and mentors."
-Simon Jennings