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Want to get started in property without buying it?
Welcome to Rent 2 Rent Success.
Want to get started in property without buying it?
Welcome to Rent 2 Rent Success
About the book
If you’ve always wanted to get started in property but thought you didn’t have enough time or money, you’ll love this book.

Sisters Stephanie & Nicky Taylor show you the ethical way to replace your income through property, without buying a single house.

Get the number 1 best-selling book on the little-known property investing strategy of rent to rent
This book helps people, who have perhaps never thought property investment was possible for someone from their social, economic or ethnic background to get started and gives a road map of exactly what to do.

Since it was published, Rent 2 Rent Success has helped thousands of people change their lives through ethical property investment.

It’s received over 200 5-star ratings on Amazon. It’s consistently been in the Top 10 Amazon Best Sellers in Property & Real Estate Financing.

You will learn our unique 6 step Rent 2 Rent Success System, to get moving in property quickly and create more freedom in your life.

"Absolutely loved it, I found it extremely motivational. Exactly what I needed" 
May Marshall
"Stephanie & Nicky are amazing coaches who deliver everything they promise, if you follow their guidance you cannot fail!"
Anna Masamba
"I loved that it provided specific directions. I feel energised and confident about rent to rent now."
Grace Pele
About the Authors
Savvy sisters Stephanie Taylor & Nicky Taylor thought that property investment and business success was not for ‘people like them’ who didn’t have the right connections.

Then in 2016, their Mum’s ill health prompted them to look for a way to be free of their 9-5s so they could be there for their mum.

They got over their fears and started the little known strategy of rent to rent and their lives have transformed.

  • Are Co-Founders of award-winning HMO property management company, HMO Heaven (our rent to rent business), with contracts worth over £2m in 2 years.
  • Have bought their own our own multi-million pound property.
  • Are authors of the #1 best-selling book Rent 2 Rent Success.
  • ​Hosts of the top 1.5% globally, Rent 2 Rent Success Podcast.
Stephanie Taylor & Nicky Taylor Co-Founders of Rent 2 Rent Success and HMO Heaven

They are passionate advocates that ethical property investment is open to everyone.

They debunk the myth that you need large sums of money to get started in property or a family background in investment or the ‘right’ connections.

They know that no matter your starting point that, Yes You Can!

  • You can get started in property with little money.
  • You can sack your boss within a year (if you want to).
  • You can create a life you love and live it on your terms

They show you how to make money from property the ethical way. And how to do it starting exactly where you are.

It's your time to shine.
Let’s get started!

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